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We here at Big Indian want you to have a excitingly fun and safe experience when you visit our field. All of the rules that are in affect here are for your safety. Please be advised that all rules must be followed at all times or you may be asked to leave the field. Thank you for your cooperation in advanced.

1. Field Paint Only / Paint rules


The longer paintballs sit in non-climate controlled areas, the more likely they are to lose quality and usability. For your safety and the safety of our staff, we require that you buy all paint used at our facility from us. This will help us avoid gunky markers that won't shoot right as well as make sure the paint shot isn't hard as rocks!

DO NOT PICK UP PAINT OFF THE GROUND. It will mess up your marker. If your marker doesn't work properly, you won't have as much don't do it!

2. Mask on at all times / Barrel socks

Not up for debate! Your mask needs to be on properly at all times when on the field. Your mask is your safety barrier from that accidental misfire to the eye. If we see you on field without your mask properly secured to your face, we have the right to escort you off property.

Barrel Socks must be covering barrel anytime a player is not active in the game (while waiting for game on, or after being shot out) and in all designated areas where no masks are worn.

3. No Blind Firing / Our Surrender rule is 10 Feet.

Blind Firing (firing without seeing where you are shooting) is not allowed for safety reasons. If you can't see it, don't shoot it. You never know how close someone is  when you pull that trigger without seeing your target and that becomes a safety hazard. 

Our surrender rule at B.I.P. is 10 Feet. This means you have to give your opponent the option to surrender if you get that close...paintballs being shot at that distance can not only hurt, they leave bruises or welts. 

4. Arm Bands

Each team will be designated with arm bands. These are to help you know who to shoot on the field.  Your arm band must be visible at all times. Covering your arm band will be considered cheating, and nobody likes a cheater!

5. Air Field Bunkers

Our Air Field bunkers are not there for target practice! Do not shoot practice shots at them, the more often we have to replace them due to misuse, the more likely we are to go up on our prices!

6. Sportsmanship

Have good sportsmanship!  Try to keep your language clean, congratulate the person who shot you out on their success, keep it light and friendly!

Don't cheat! Call yourself out if you get hit, don't wipe!

We want you all to have a good time here, so lets see some positive attitudes on our field.


Please direct any of your concerns to staff members. We care about you and your experience at our field and appreciate feedback to help us grow the right way!

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