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BIP Pro Shop

Eclipse EMEK - $275.00 (tank and hopper sold separately)

Smoke Grenade.jpg

Paint & Smoke Grenades

Your choice of a Paint or Smoke Grenade for $9.00 + Tax.

We also offer Airsoft Grenades.

$10.00 + Tax


Tippman Stormer Tactical

(Pictured left) Tank and hopper sold separately  


Tippman Stormer Elite

(Pictured Right) Tank and hopper sold separately  


JT Pro Flex Mask

Zebra Print - $100.00

Bandana Print - $80.00

(Pictured left)


Prices vary from $225.00 - $275.00 depending on design.

(Pictured right)

HK Army 

Paintball Caddy

$20.00 - various colors

(Pictured left)

3,000 psi Tanks

Valken $65.00

Tippman $65.00

(Pictured right)


Adaptive Armament

Airsoft 6mm Blackout Gun

Includes: battery and charger


(Pictured left)


3.5 Speedball Marker


(Pictured right)


CS 3 - All black


(Pictured left)

Cleaning Equipment

HK Barrel Swab - $12.00

Valken Barrel Swab - $10.00

HK Pod Swab - $20.00

(Pictured right)

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