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MILSIM Ruleset

We here at Big Indian want you to have an excitingly fun and safe experience when you visit our field. All of the rules that are in affect here are for your safety. Please be advised that all rules must be followed at all times, or you may be asked to leave the field. Thank you for your cooperation in advanced.

Rules of Engagement

1. All players must have FULL SEALING ballistics proof eye protection (ANSI Z Rated) as a minimum at all times on the field: masks, mouth guards, balaclava, are highly recommended. (Regular prescription glasses used as eye protection is not authorized. NO MESH EYE PROTECTION IS ALLOWED, PERIOD. 

  • Lower face protection is mandatory for those under 18, (examples: mesh mask, iron face, paintball mask, mouth guard) and recommended for all players 18 and older.

2. No Blind firing: this means if you cannot see what you are shooting at, then you CAN NOT shoot your airsoft gun. 

3. We honor the 10-foot surrender rule. If a player puts their hands up, DON'T shoot them. 

4. NO full auto indoors.

5. NO outside pellets allowed. 

6. Frequent violators will be told to leave, with photo being posted on social media.

7. Please don't set your marker on the ground or push the barrel into the dirt.

8. All trash goes in the garbage cans that are placed sporadically around the staging area.

9.  Foul language will NOT be tolerated.

10. Please show good sportsmanship.

Please direct any of your concerns to staff members. We care about you and your experience at our field and appreciate feedback to help us grow the right way!


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