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Stryker Airsoft Industries Presents:

OP: Tigers Cage 

OP_Tigers Cage.jpg

Game day is 23 March 2024

Time: 8AM

Cost: TBD

We have FREE primitive camping ONSITE.

A Siege game with a dedicated attacker and defender where players will Assault or defend heavily fortified positions. A grinding battle of attrition at its absolute best complete with fortresses, trench networks, supply lines, landing craft start position and much more.

The Siege will be broken into 3 timed assaults with no lunch break. Players will attack or defend in an increasingly more desperate struggle to control key positions. Short, in game, regrouping periods will be built in where players will eat, reload, and regroup in the trenches on the field to create one seamless gameplay experience. 

Please be sure that you sign up for the correct side and you read the rule set. 

OP_Tigers Cage Map.webp
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