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Shadow Legion & Beowulf Presents:

OP: Redhorse

New Redhorse.jpg

Game day is 19th & 20th May 2023 - $55.00


Riding into the sun set is the old breed and emerging on the other side, riding on a Red Horse, is the future of combat. Nothing is as it was before, technology is advancing, rules have changed, but not as fast as the mind and desire to win the battle.

Taking a cue from the old breed the new school derived their names from the old units that they studied and taught them so well. The Red Bull (Green team) took their name from the 34th Infantry Division, US Army. Then the Professionals (Tan team) took their name from the 2nd Battalion, 1st Marines. A little old school with a little new school. Like they say, history will repeat itself and it's your best teacher.

These were the strongest of all the units in the country. Built for battle and domination. Now is the time, Perry GA is the place that these two units have been making their way to. Alot have fallen and land has been burned but now this is where they make their stand. Toe to toe, draw the line and ride into victory, let there be no mistake, this is WAR.

Tickets Sales going on now!!
We have FREE primitive camping ONSITE.




FRIDAY MAY 19th, 2023
1:00 PM – Gates Open for Camping
2:00 PM – Registration/Chrono/Vendors Open
5:00 PM - Registration/Chrono Closes
6:00 PM – Run and Gun Competition starts


7:00 AM - Registration/Chrono Opens
8:30 AM - Registration/Chrono Closes
9:00 AM – Formation
9:30 AM – Evo 1 Start
12:30 PM – Evo 1 Endex
12:30 PM – 1:30 PM – Lunch
1:45 PM – Evo 2 Start
4:45 PM – Evo 2 Endex
5:15 PM – Raffle/Closing Ceremonies 


Refund Policy
All Event Ticket purchases or reservation deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE! All event Ticket SALES ARE FINAL. All event Tickets are Transferable by logging into your HopUp profile and clicking the transfer button. Nu Breed Airsoft only offers full event refunds to Military/LE personnel in the event they are called for deployment/training. Players seeking a refund will be required to provide their Federal/State issued Military or LE identification. *Our troops always come first! Event time and date are subject to change for Military requirements. In the case of time/date change event(s) will be rescheduled.

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